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Darian King -Dariansincebirth, Jimmy Wit An H

DJ, Music Producer, Songwriter, Vocalist

Inspired by the well-known and the unknown, Florida-born and North Georgia-raised Dariansincebirth keeps true to his name by exploring all that makes him himself. Through life experiences, emotional traumas, and a passion for relaying them through song, Dariansincebirth created a soundtrack to life that only he could write.

Songwriting began at age eleven as just a way to learn his favorite songs. It became his own seven years later when he joined the music group Jimmy Wit An H. There he sharpened his songwriting skills and cultivated confidence in recording in a studio setting. 

Dariansincebirth pulls inspiration from a wide array of artists, from Eminem, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne all the way to Prince, Hozier, and X Ambassadors.


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