Matt Oof is a multi-talented artist who brings a laid-back vibe to the music industry. With a background as an audio engineer/producer, DJ, and sync licensing manager, he has honed his skills to perfection.

Classically trained and armed with a deep understanding of music, he embarked on his journey in 2011 as bass-heavy Fritz the DJ. Since then, he has captivated audiences in the Southeast US, performing at various venues, clubs, and shows, including festivals like Imagine Music Fest.

Matt Oof’s versatility shines through his ability to effortlessly blend genres such as hip-hop, bass, EDM, and the top 40, creating an irresistible experience. His innate talent for reading a crowd and knowing how to get people on their feet has made him a favorite at corporate events, nightclubs, bars, and private parties.

When he’s not rocking the booth, Matt Oof takes on the role of studio manager at De3 Studios. As an audio engineer, he works on songs, books, and films, ensuring that every project he touches sounds impeccable.

As a sync licensing manager for ArtistCTRL, he spends his days juggling audio engineering tasks, managing the team, and coordinating events.

With his playful, chill energy and a knack for creating unforgettable experiences, Matt is a force to be reckoned with.

Whether it’s on the dance floor or in the studio, get ready for an unforgettable musical experience.

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